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The Most Easiest Method To Make Money Online

Free ClickBank Mall "

Home Based Business Opportunities are growing every day. There are numerous methods to make money online. The easiest method of starting an Internet Home Based Business is to become an affiliate and earn commissions.

Free Clickbank Mall Search Box CB Ads

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The Free Clickbank Mall is a novel system to automatically organize Clickbank digital products into an attractive affiliate store front. If you are not well-known with Clickbank, it's an online shopping mall full of the web's hottest selling products and services. Affiliate marketers can profit by promoting Clickbank products with Free Clickbank Mall and earn commission for their efforts.

There is a high earning potential in the Clickbank Mall. It is because of its wide range of digital products that pay you a huge commission up to 75% on the product price.

The unique thing about this Free Clickbank Mall is as it is being maintained professionally so there's no need to do any work other than just promoting it. So no need of maintenance, coding, answering emails, processing orders etc. It takes care of all the tedious jobs.

How Free Clickbank Mall Is Different From Other Clickbank Malls

1. It is very transparent. One can access all the necessary information whether it may be tracking visitors, clicks to the mall and its pages, details of your Sub-Affiliates and all the support stuff in your member area.

2. No unnecessary affiliate information is found anywhere in the titles and descriptions. Whereas in other Clickbank malls you will notice affiliate oriented titles and descriptions such as Affiliates make 75%, Make $37 per sale etc.) that are not shopper friendly and may reduce your income.

3. The provision of Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords for all the sites.

4. If you have a website/blog, then you can simply place a Free Clickbank Search Box on it. When the visitors buy anything from the site, you will earn commission. You have the flexibility of using this search box unlimited web pages without any limitation.

5. Visitors can review and rate the sites based on their experience.

6. Very detailed description of sites to attract shoppers and provide them more information.

7. Referral Program - Simply refer others to this free affiliate program and if they join as sub affiliates, you will get 5% links (over 4000 links) in each of their malls and search results under your Clickbank nickname.

8. You can promote any type of products or services, categories or sub-categories or any page of your interest in the mall in addition to the main page of the mall.

9. Flexibility of searching by Clickbank Vendor Nickname.

10. Visitors can search their choice of product by searching all words, any word or exact phrase in the search box.

11. Top searched keywords are listed on the left column of the main page of the clickbank mall so that visitors can find what they want very easily.

12. Provision of PHP and .htaccess cloaking of links to protect your hard earned commissions. No frames are used. Free link cloaking service to hide your affiliate links.

13. Excellent forum support for all members.

14. Totally FREE to signup and register.

How One Can Make Money Online With Free Clickbank Mall

1. Place the Free Clickbank Mall link anywhere on the webpage and promote it. When the visitors make a purchase from the mall, you will earn up to 75% commission on the product.

2. When the visitors shop and make a sale from the search results of your Free Clickbank Search Box, you will earn commission on its price.

3. Refer others to this free affiliate program. You will earn on the 5% links of the sub-affiliates under you i.e over 4000 links on each of the Clickbank mall.

4. The Clickbank Ads look like Adsense Ads of Google. It is a known fact that Google pays only when someone clicks that too a few cents per click. But in contrast, Clickbank Ads award you up to 75% of commission on the product per sale. So you can make more money when compared to Google Ads.

earn easy money with free clickbank mall

FREE Clickbank Search Box & Clickbank Ads

Earning money is made easy with the Free Clickbank Mall. Simply paste the FREE Clickbank Search Box & Clickbank Ads code on your website/blog. When the visitors purchase their favorites from the search results, you earn up to 75% commission in the price.

The Free Clickbank Mall provides two unique FREE search box codes for its members. One is the simple search box with no categories and the other is the search box with the ability to search by categories. So the Clickbank mall gives flexibility to the visitors to browse their favorites with all possibilities.

Just paste the search code on your website/blog and make money online easily.

You are very much welcome to customize your Ads as you desire! You are at flexibility to select a keyword or a category, Ad format, horizontal or vertical type Ads, the number of sites to be displayed, the background color, the color of the text and links, the font size of text, border color etc. All the attributes can be customized in accordance to your taste.



There are over 20000 products and services offered through Clickbank. If you are a FREE member, then 90 percent of the links in Clickbank mall will contain your Clickbank nickname, 5% links contain the nickname of your referrer, and the remaining 5% links will be of the webmaster.

If you join as a PRO Member then 100% links in your Clickbank mall will have your Clickbank nickname. So, you can earn money from 100% of the links in your mall.

Except for this discrepancy, there is no other difference between the FREE and PRO memberships. Feature wise both are same. You are given an unconditional money back guarantee for a period of 8 weeks for the PR0 version. If not satisfied, simply you will be refunded 100% of your membership fee.

My recommendation is to enroll as a FREE member and then make money. Later on upgrade the membership to PRO where you will have 100% links by your Clickbank ID.

Join now and make money online easily with Free Clickbank Mall.

Know the Top 30 Reasons why this Free Clickbank Mall is better than all other Clickbank Malls.

Free ClickBank Mall is highly recommended for all affiliate internet marketers. It works for one and all from the rookie web-newbie to even seasoned web-experts!

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